Piggi captured liveIt’s good to know that even in 2009, there are still young musicians waking up with sad feelings…This is what we call the blues. Two Italian Bluesmen: Pierluigi Petricca (1968) from Aielli and Marco Tinari (1978) from l’Aquila can tell you all about that blues feeling and that is exactly what they do with their album “Back to Mississippi” , which is the successor from their debut album “Railroad Blues”. It’s a long and rough way home that we have to follow, passing 12 tracks and in these tracks Petricca & Tinari give the blues a real uppercut ! An uppercut that this kind of blues deserves. One way or another, the two guys bring a tribute to their blues heroes as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson and Bukka White. The two Italian guys played several years the electric Chicago Blues Style but in the summer of 2005 they decided to start playing the very authentic way of Delta- and country blues..and in this style Petricca shows how talented he is as a slide-guitar player. Tinari plays acoustic guitar and he knows perfectly well how to support Petricca. “Back to Mississippi” has become a lively blues album in a raw and familiar form which is typical for this style. They don’t try to do something new but their enthusiasm and skills offer enough room for 12 sparkling blues songs. The song titles “Mama talk to your daughter”, “Feeling Good”, “CC Rider”, “Pony Blues”, “Long Distance Call” and ” Judge Harsh Blues” say what this is all about.. All the songs on this album are very strong, not in the least their self-written songs with beautiful guitar-playing. They inspire you to play the blues yourself with your best friends. With also the perfect mixing by Gigi Bisogno, “Back to Mississippi” is warmly recommended.”

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