The review from „Twój Blues” PG Petricca At Home

PG Petricca by B.WawrzyniewiczAn Italian, Pierluigi Petricca, with his dobro guitar and a hi-hat referred straight to the roots of blues. A bunch of standards and his own stylish compositions were an excellent, and what is more- absolutely free lesson of essential blues. On Thursday afternoon it kept in the Olsztyn Old Town a really respectable group of listeners.

The review from „Twój Blues” PG Petricca At Home. In the middle of the last decade this Italian musician created Papaleg Acoustic Duo, with which he performed in Suwałki. A short time after that he started his solo performances. He released 2 albums in co-operation with a vocalist Paola Ronci. He plays everywhere he can, sometimes as so called ”street busker”. He sings with a bit harsh voice, playing the resophonic guitars, the foot stomp and the tambourine. And all that in a deep tradition of acoustic, country blues, predominately Delta blues. This album, At Home released in 2014, consists of 9 own compositions and one composition by somebody else. It is rough, even ascetic, set in the blues of the thirties and the forties. We will see PG Petricca and listen him perform soon, as he is going to play on the 2nd of July at ONB (Olsztyn Blues Nights). It is worth listening to him there.

Piotr Gwizdała, Twój Blues








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