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Pierluigi Petricca – Tales and other stories (2016)

Pierluigi Petricca (vocals, dobro)
All selection written by Pg Petricca

Tales and other stories 1. Leaving my land
2. Drinkin’ wine & playing the blues
3. My time is running out
4. Welcome in town
5. Sitting down the station
6. Mr BB Blues
7. Without your love
8. Lullaby
9. Born in the south
10. Mary’s gone

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Pierluigi Petricca – At home (2014)

Pierluigi Petricca (vocals, dobro)
All selection written by Pg Petricca, except * traditional

At home cover 1. Who can tell me
2. A rebel angel
3. The angler
4. The promise land
5. Sunburned earth
6. Big man
7. Motherless Children *
8. Walkin’downtow
9. Leave me alone
10. At home

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Papaleg Acoustic Duo – Back to Mississipi (2009)

Pierluigi Petricca (vocals, dobro), Marco Tinari (vocals, acoustic guitar).
Special guests:
Giordano Valente (harmonica), Stefano Sbariggi (bass), Paolo Venturi (vocals, acoustic guitar)

papaleg back to mississipi1. I go back to mississippi
2. Cool drinking water blues
3. Mama talk to your daughter
4. Long distance call
5. C.c. rider
6. Once a day
7. Wake up this morning
8. Pony blues
9. Feelling good
10. Me and my baby
11. Sugar cane
12. Judge harsh blues

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